Sunday, January 29, 2006


A digital video for the BBC Big Screen
Manchester, UK

Video-based work | 2006

Installation view
Twelve was a continuous video piece constructed of pictures of the people each of the artists interacted with in the course of a twelve-hour day. Each person was photographed twice: once in a relaxed state and then again in exuberance. The images were compiled together alternating the drab and joyous of the same person to create a digital flipbook.

Twelve served as self-portraits through the documentation of our constructed communities. It was a work that looked to take the emphasis off our cultural heritage so we could be seen, holistically, as full citizens.

It premiered on Chinese New Year, and was screened five times daily for a month.

Participants included Amy Cham, Debbie Chan, Nina Chua, Jess Emmett, Kazuko Kuroda, Ying Kwok, Kwong Lee, and Yuen Fong Ling.